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iSCSI Is a IP based storage networking standard to manage storage over long distances. iSCSI is used to link data storage devices and to help data transfers over internet and intranet. The (ITMs) iscsi target modules are managed by the administrator as local hard drives. In IP networks, iSCSI can enable location independent data storage retrieval. By implementing iSCSI the cost of centralizing the storage can be reduced compared to the usual expense and incompatibility normally associated with fibre channel storage area networks (SANs). It is especially appealing since it facilitates solution that provice rapid and efficient transport of block-level I/O data, where simplicity, flexibility, and price / performance are critical IT decision factors. iSCSI can run over existing Ethernet Networks providing easy migration and administration.

FUSIONSTOR iSCSI software reduces risk and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for customers as they extend their existing storage capacity. Fusionstor wants to address customer needs in the low to high end of the server, storage and networking markets with pre-installed storage software solutions for iSCSI SAN Storage Area Network standard
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