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Optimized OS for dedicated and enterprise network environments.
Independent tests have shown that FusionStor Atomic is offering one of the best data throughput and performance. Together with the perfect integration of Windows ADS, NIS or LDAP makes Fusionstor Atomic suitable for large storage devices in network environments with over 30.000 clients. FusionStor Atomic has new back-up capabilities and improved scalability, thanks to the support of the SAS technology.

High Data Throughput
Optimized Storage Software supporting (optional) infiniband, 10 GbE, TOE-, Intel® I/O AT, Fibre Channel and Multi-CPU Support

High Flexibility
Support for all leading SCSI, Serial SCSI, IDE and Serial ATA Controllers, Hard drives, NICs and Networking Chipsets, support for Online Capacity Expansion.

High Security
Data Synchronization (Cross), RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6, Snapshot with Scheduling, integrated Anti-Virus, Dynamic Disk, Local Backup Scheduling, built- in Agents for Backup-Software, OS on USB-DOM to minimize Downtime, Network UPS Support, Shadow copy of OS

Easy Management & Monitoring
Web-based GUI, Password-Quota, Windows Active Directory Support, ACL, LDAP, Support for Network Information Service (NIS), ADS & NIS User-/Group ID (NIS), ADS & SNMP Support, Online Logical Volume Expansion, USB Storage Support. The FusionStor Atomic supports the SNMP protocol to monitor the data throughput, CPU, RAM usage of the NAS storage system. It also includes S.M.A.R.T. for detecting and reporting the status of the HDDs to anticipate on failures.

Snapshot is an immediate point-in-time image of the logical volume (LV). The snapshot image can be used for both consistent and temporary backup, while users still have uninterrupted and complete access to the LV. Also, if a user accidentally deletes or incorrectly modifies a file, that file can be recovered from a previous snapshot image. FusionStor Atomic supports “Multiple Snapshot with Scheduling” to create snapshots at predefined points in time(e.g. automatically every hour).

Data Synchronization
FusionStor Atomic can synchronize files and directories from one NAS device to another. The data transfer is block-based in order to minimize network traffic. Synchronization can be used for disaster recovery or Disk-to-Disk backup purposes. The FusionStor Atomic can synchronize data in both directions: the NAS device can be the source and destination of at the same time, allowing to cross-backup data on several devices.

Advanced Backup Utilities
FusionStor Atomic integrates new and improved backup and recovery applications. Integrated Volume & Data Replication, Snapshots, Tasks, integrated Backup Server for backup of local and network data in existing archiving policies on physical tape libraries, auto loaders and local virtual tapes.

Heterogeneous Support
FusionStor Atomic includes heterogeneous support for protocols such as SMB/CIFS, NFS, AppleTalk, FTP and Secure FTP, allowing data to be shared among different platforms.
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