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NAS systems are computing storage devices that can be accessed over the network. NAS enables multiple users to share the same storage space simultaneously, and often minimizes overhead by managing hard disks centrally. In terms of design, a NAS server is simply a file server optimized for file system services. The FusionStor Atomic device with the built in software provides the best combination of ease of management,

Would you like to take advantages of most powerful, high performance, secure, easy manageable and cost effective NAS storage system ?

Fusionstor ATOMIC is our most advanced line of product. Imagine Fusionstor NAS without its limitations and with brand new functionalities:
  • Software RAID support
  • more than 2 TB per Logical Volume
  • remote Console Management
  • Optimized Storage Operating System
  • Built-in-Backup-Agent
  • Server Administration via HTTPS Protocol
  • IP Control Access to Administrator
  • Data Synchronization with SSH Protocol
  • Lowest Possible Cost of Installation
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