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We are an ideal outsourcing partner for organizations seeking software development work. We provide development services via outsourcing and consulting, whereby we run an entire development team on our site, complete with managers, developers, testers, and production support staff; or we deploy programmers to our client site as consultants.

Quality of service is guaranteed as we keep our staff well-trained, our process well-defined, and our tools well-utilized.

We offer full range of offshore software development services in different areas of expertise like web, application, database, mobile development and IT consulting. Our primary aim is to ensure that everything is delivered to our customers according to schedule, within budget and actually with the best quality. Our software development services target specific customer demands for any kind of application development or integration. Our software development practices are built on top of the solid foundation of use-proven project management methodologies and strong technical expertise.

  1. Development Technologies :
    • Business Applications : Java/J2EE | Adobe Flex/Flash | .NET | Liferay | Sharepoint
    • User Interface & Website Designing : HTML5 | CSS 3 | jQuery | PHP
    • Online Marketing
    • Touchscreen Applications
    • Search Engine Optimization
  2. Outsourcing :
    • Java/J2EE Development Outsourcing
    • Flex Development Outsourcing
    • LifeRay Outsourcing

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