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Fibre Channel Switches
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Meganet India - QLogic Fibre Channel Switches Meaganet India - QLogic Fibre Channel Switches Meganet India - QLogic Fibre Channel Switches
Best of all, pricing starts at under $100K. The switch scales to 256 Fibre Channel ports in an 8U dual chassis module HyperStack configuration with absolutely no blocking between the two HyperStack modules.
  • Performance and reliability of a chassis switch without the high price of a traditional Director switch
  • 8Gb, 4Gb or 10Gb blade options
  • Enterprise Fabric Suite management
  • Industry’s only core switch with a compact, 4U chassis
  • HyperStack technology brings stackable scalability to core switches
  • Included with every switch is a powerful suite of enterprise-class management tools that others charge you for using
  • Lower power consumption and smaller rack space footprint
The simplicity, scalability, and cost-saving advantages of stackable switches have long been familiar to Ethernet users. Now, you can get the same benefits from the company that pioneered stacking technology for Fibre Channel SANs. Best of all, configuration wizards and intuitive software make installation and management a breeze. Why pay six figures for a Director switch that your organization may or may not eventually grow into? Deploy the QLogic 5000 Series Stackable Switch for a pay-as-you-grow solution that never gets ahead of your network or your budget.
  • Efficient stacking architecture – build large SANs with fewer switches and zero device ports wasted for ISLs
  • Up to 120 device ports per stack, higher port counts in multi-stack configurations
  • Manage the stack as a single switch
  • 8-to-20 self-configuring device ports per switch support 8Gb and 4Gb servers and storage
  • 4-port expansion license – add device ports non-disruptively in the field
  • Four included 10Gb stacking ports – upgrade to 20Gb bandwidth (5800 Series) at the click of a mouse!
  • Models available with or without SFPs, no proprietary optics "lock-down"
The QLogic 3810 Switch includes cost-conscious features, such as I/O StreamGuard and NPIV support. These switches provide the enterprise-class performance that QLogic’s larger customers have come to depend on – at a price that will pay off immediately for even the smallest organization.
  • 8 ports, 8Gbps speed (100% non-blocking)
  • Backward compatibility with 4Gb and 2Gb devices
  • Cost-optimized for single switch SANs
  • QuickTools on-board GUI
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • I/O StreamGuard – guaranteed stability for tape, video and other streaming applications
  • NPIV support for virtualized environments
QLogic 1000 Series   Enterprise Fabric Management Tools    
Meganet India - QLogic Fibre Channel Switches Meganet India - QLogic Fibre Channel Switches  
Wizards guide you through installation and configuration, so you don't need to hire a SAN expert. Extensive interoperability testing has been performed on the switches, ensuring they work in virtually any environment, including yours. If all that doesn't get you, the price will. The QLogic 1000 Series are the most affordable SAN switches you can buy.
  • 10 ports, 4Gbps speed (100 percent non-blocking)
  • Configuration wizards for fast setup
  • Backward compatibility with 2Gb and 1Gb devices
  • Auto-sensing, self-configuring ports
  • Zoning wizard for device security
  • In-band, out-of-band, Telnet, and SNMP management access
  • 1U half-width rack form-factor
  • Non-Disruptive Code Load and Activation (NDCLA)
QLogic has designed best-of-breed management tools for the QLogic family of Fibre Channel Switches.
  • Manage an unlimited number of devices, switches, and fabrics for a single price
  • Manage stacks of QLogic Fibre Channel Switches as a single entity with Stack Management
  • You decide which licensed ports are activated with mPort Technology
  • Efficiently find the data you need with Enterprise Fabric Suite Auto Filtering
  • QLogic’s single-pane-of-glass view provides centralized management of your entire QLogic fabric
  • Seamless application for setup, configuration, zoning, and advanced fabric management
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