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Fibre Channel Adapters
QLogic 2600 Series   QLogic 2500 Series   QLogic 2400 Series
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The 2600 Series Adapters, powered by QLogic VMflex technology, support standards-based virtualization such as N_port ID virtualization (NPIV) and virtual storage area networks (virtual fabrics). In addition, single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) may be enabled to allow enhanced I/O performance in virtualized environments and improved VM scalability for increasing storage workloads.
  • 16Gbps fibre channel per port maximum throughput for high bandwidth storage area network (SAN) traffic
  • Up to 1 million IOPS reduce latency in high transaction intensive applications and virtualized environments
  • SR-IOV support for faster performance in virtualized environments
  • Reduced hardware, cabling, and management costs by enabling more applications (virtual machines) to run on a single server and Fibre Channel port
  • Decreased power and cooling costs by using the fewest PCI Express lanes in PCIe Gen3 environments
  • Overlapping protection domains (OPD) to ensure a high level of reliability as data moves to and from the PCI bus and Fibre Channel network
  • Complete investment protection for legacy 8Gb and 4Gb Fibre Channel infrastructure
In addition to offering the highest performance, the QLE256x Adapters provide the lowest possible power consumption with QLogic's unique Dynamic Power Management technology. Plus, the series is optimized for virtualization, RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability), security, and management, transforming server connectivity into a competitive advantage. The QLE256x Adapters are also backed by an industry-leading five-year (no charge) limited warranty for -CK/-E SKUs.
  • Lowest possible power consumption
  • Optimized for virtualization, RAS, and more
  • 200,000 IOPS per port
  • Overlapping Protection Domains (OPD)
  • RoHS compliant
The QLx246x Adapters come in single-, dual-, and quad-port multi-mode optic configurations and are backed by an industry-leading, five-year (no charge) limited warranty for -CK/-E SKUs.
  • iiDMA ensures maximum utilization of data links
  • DRDMA processes I/O requests faster
  • OPD provides enhanced reliability
  • 4/2/1Gbps (auto-negotiation)
  • 150,000 IOPS per port
  • 2,048 concurrent logins per port
  • RoHS compliant
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