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Benefit From Our Design Superiority

Supermicro motherboard advantages:
  • Widest Range of Server and Industry-embedded boards Available
  • Best Price/Performance Ratio
  • Seamless Board Designs
  • High Performance Boards Supporting the Latest Hardware
  • Extensive Features Support
  • Standard Form Factors
  • Supported by Truly Optimized Power Supplies and Chassis with Airflow Control and Management
These competitive advantages have helped Supermicro further its leadership in designing state-of-the-art motherboards for a wide range of applications. Supermicro is consistently the first to deliver new high-performance technology support. With the most extensive serverboard selection in the industry at extremely competitive prices, Supermicro boards are built to maximize customer satisfaction.

Supermicro Solutions with NEW AMD Opteron™ Processors!
  • 3000 Series (AM3+) 8/4-Core (3300 ready)
  • 4000 Series (C32) 8/6/4-Core (4300 ready)
  • 6000 Series (G34) 16/12/8/4-Core (6300 ready)

Product Highlights
2042G-72RF4   NEW

Quad/4-way 16/12/8/4-Core AMD Opteron™ 6000 series (6300 ready) processors supported. 64 Cores High Performance Computing with UIO slot. LSI 2208 SAS2 RAID. 1x dedicated LAN for system management (IPMI2.0). Ideal for File/print server, firewall applications, mail & web server for small business, server appliance, cluster node.
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