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Assureon Client
Copies or moves files from Windows onto the Assureon, leaving a small shortcut file behind.
Hyper speed Restores
Because restores only require the shortcut files to be restored, time is significantly reduced.
CIFS/NFS NAS Interfaces via Assureon Edge
Easy to use for all Windows and UNIX/Linux users and applications without changes being required. No development or use of special APIs are needed.
When a file or object is archived, it is fingerprinted, so its history and contents cannot be altered after the fact (WORM).
Each file can be optionally encrypted with a unique AES-256 encryption key to ensure security. Three copies of the key exist: one onsite and two at separate remote managed locations.
File Integrity Checks
Files are stored twice, and a background process continually scans files and repairs them, using their copies even if they are not being accessed, if necessary.
Active / Active Replication
Replicated Assureons are active/active, meaning that as long as both are healthy, they can service different requests, providing increased utilization of resources over active/passive architectures.
Active / Active Ingestion
Assureon allows for ingestion of data at two sites in a replicated configuration.
Cloud-based Archiving
An Assureon can be configured as a Virtual Assureon. This allows for multiple secure applications, departments or even separate companies to operate with complete physical, logical and encryption separation. It is an ideal cloud platform to offer Archive-as-a-Service.
Active Directory Integration
Assureon uses Active Directory integration to authenticate users
Certificate-based Authentication
Certificate-based authentication can be used as an alternative to Active Directory authentication.
Powerful Search
Assureon Explorer, a web-based GUI permits easy searches of the entire archive with role-based restrictions. The Assureon Explorer also allows end users to restore their own files, if allowed by access and disposition policy.
Management Console
Single-pane-of-glass web-based management with role-based security.
Audit Trails
Track all users that were permitted or denied file access.
Retention Policies
Assureon makes it easy to define retention policies and to associate those policies to folders that are being archived for compliant and non-compliant environments.
Single-instance Storage
Identical files are only stored once, saving disk space and increasing performance.
Legal Hold
Assureon provides legal holds that can override retention policies.
File Versioning
Assureon can support multiple versions of a file and is configuraable by the administrator.
AutoMAID is the industry's most sophisticated power management system. Drives containing infrequently accessed data can be powered down when not being for significant energy savings.
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